Benches and Dumbbells

In this category you will find our selection of Benches & Dumbbells. As with other bodybuilding equipment and accessories, we try to provide our customers with pieces built with quality materials. We work with brands concerned about the use of raw materials that do not harm the sustainability of the planet.

Here you will find fixed and adjustable weight benches. Flat, inclined, declined and preacher curl. Domestic, professional and even Olympic. Always with a choice of comfortable and ergonomic upholstery, as well as high quality wood and metals.

Regarding dumbbells, you will see hexagonal or round iron and rubber dumbbells; Vinyl dumbbells are also part of this selection.

We also present the world-renowned dumbbell series – Powerblock.

If you need something that is not in the Benches & Dumbbells category, contact us.

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