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We follow your projects

From the embryonic stage to the success of your business

We support our clients in the foundations of their project, allowing the best solutions to be taken, thus making it possible to materialize their objectives.
Our model can be applied to the most diverse formats, whether they are gyms or PT studios, pilates, yoga, …

Know-How, Experience, Innovation

Consulting specialized

We provide specialized advice for the areas of Fitness & Wellness, providing our clients with constant monitoring and adaptation according to the rapid changes and demands of the markets.
At Main Pulse we support our customers to make conscious, more efficient decisions and reduce costs.
We work daily to support our clients in their project and growth.

We are committed to knowing the reality of each client to find the best solution for your business.

Know-How, Experience, Innovation

Analysis exempt

With the evolution of the markets, the evaluation of equipment is becoming more and more important and necessary for the choices to be the best.
Main Pulse plays an important role in response to this need.
We base the evaluation of the equipment on the calculation of the potential working value of each piece of equipment, without neglecting the value of the acquisition, the general appearance and the intended use.

We present a team of qualified, experienced and independent technicians who make adequate diagnoses for each need and prepare reliable reports.

We are a fundamental part of the success of your projects!

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