To implement a gym in your company, hotel, condominium, PT studio, … It is important to create a functional and safe space.

That adapts to all needs and responds to expectations with efficiency and willingness to innovate.

By transforming an existing space into a gym for physical exercise, you are developing a healthier and closer relationship between everyone. Cooperation and fellowship attract positive results.

To set up the gym, you should take into account the equipment, design, lighting, sound insulation, sturdiness of the floor, changing rooms,…

The type of equipment to choose depends on the area you have, the budget stipulated for this purpose, and the needs ascertained. Investing in quality and robust equipment means obtaining benefits over time, whether in terms of maintenance and assistance, as well as the durability of the products.

All equipment is important, however there are some categories that cannot be forgotten, such as Cardio, Functional, and Free Weight.
Complements and small accessories should also be present in the new space.

It is very important to create a relaxed atmosphere that promotes the well-being of everyone who will frequent the space. For beginners, a simple gesture such as jumping rope or moving some weights will motivate them to feel more positive and healthy.

By creating your own sports facilities, you will be promoting the health and well-being of the people who use them. Having a gym is good for you! In addition to social responsibility, it will enhance the increase in the productivity of its employees, motivation, the fight against absenteeism, favor team spirit and help attract new talent. Become HEALTHIER and more competitive!

Corporate products are geared towards plural and frequent use, but not intensive. They are designed to accompany different workouts and intensities, presenting quality, robustness and durability as a response. They can be placed in PT studios, hotels, condominiums, corporate and associative spaces, companies, and other spaces with moderate use.

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