When purchasing your equipment.

Offer of Scheduled Maintenance

It is well thought out to have the offer of Scheduled Maintenance so that you are always calm with your equipment.
Main Pulse gives you more peace of mind.
To ensure the enjoyment of using your equipment without restrictions, fears or complications, we have created a Scheduled Maintenance Plan for your equipment. In this way, Main Pulse customers benefit from an exclusive technical assistance service, during and after the normal warranty period.
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Offers included

Scheduled Maintenance Plan

Preventive maintenance free
Performed at the end of the warranty period
Reduction of 50%
The value of preventive maintenance carried out one year after the end of the warranty
Reduction of 30%
The value of preventive maintenance carried out two years after the end of the warranty
Reduction of 15%
In the value of corrective maintenance carried out until the end of the fifth year after purchase
Services provided

Preventive maintenance

Verification and analysis
Electrical, electronic, mechanical and structural components;
Tuning equipment
Tuning and adjustment of necessary parts and components
Tests safety
Carrying out tests to prove the safety of equipment
Cleaning and Lubrication
Of all components subject to friction;
Benefit from the best service and just worry about enjoying your equipment!

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