POWER PLATE is the most famous brand in the full body vibration category.

Whole-body vibration was first used by astronauts to combat the loss of muscle and bone mass caused by prolonged stays in zero gravity. Likewise, today Power Plate continues to develop the technology to create products and training programs that deliver legendary performance. Developed for professional sports teams, medical facilities, fitness centers, studios and individuals around the world.

As the world leader in vibration technology, people of all ages and physical abilities trust Power Plate to harmonize their bodies. The place where optimal physical performance, health and well-being are in balance and work together. In fact, they associate the brand with a wide range of health and well-being benefits. With benefits ranging from strength, balance, flexibility and weight loss. At the same time, it influences the improvement of circulation, pain reduction, detoxification, stress relief and even cellulite reduction.

In addition to delivering optimal performance for individuals and fitness facilities, doctors in nearly 100 countries use the Power Plate to help their patients live life to the fullest. Decades of research have shown that whole-body vibration can effectively treat symptoms ranging from multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy and cystic fibrosis, to diabetes and obesity. Likewise, it also improves osteoporosis as well as locomotion syndromes caused by aging.

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