Quality in fitness

First of all, it is important to mention that physical activity is essential for health and well-being. Exercise is one of the pillars of a healthy lifestyle, as is eating healthy and getting regular sleep. Scientific evidence and, above all, available experience show that regular physical activity benefits the population, both physically and mentally. Furthermore, it improves our mood and contributes to our longevity.

It is possible to have a physically active life through some changes in daily life that lead us to move more, whether at work, at home and, above all, when traveling. According to studies carried out there are more than 20 diseases and health-related conditions for which there is scientific evidence of a very positive role of regular physical activity.


Exercise regularly:
  • Quality of life – Improves mental, emotional and physical functioning, increases productivity and performance and helps with interpersonal relationships.
  • Depression and anxiety – Exercise leads to the release of hormones that improve mood, relieve stress and promote a feeling of well-being. Increases levels of a brain chemical, serotonin, which combats negative feelings.
  • Mobility – Physical exercise can reduce the likelihood of falls, which are a result of the loss of mobility associated with aging and the corresponding lack of activity.
  • Sleep quality – Physical exercise helps healthy adults increase their amount of deep sleep. Phase of sleep in which the body renews and repairs itself for a new day.
  • Mental skills – Physical exercise reduces the risk of diseases, such as high blood pressure or diabetes, which can lead to memory loss, or a stroke, which will, in turn, damage brain tissue.


Quality in fitness also includes appropriate exercises, more or less personalized monitoring and, above all, equipment.


Suitable exercises:

Exercises are considered quality when they are properly suited to the person, whether due to age, physical capacity and taste, of course! Below we present 2 examples of exercises suitable for your age groups (young / elderly):

Example of exercises for young people:

Duration of each exercise = 20 seconds
Rest (after each exercise) = 10 seconds
Series = 3 or 4

20 seconds of Jumping Jacks
10 seconds pause
20 seconds of hand plank with knee to elbow touch
10 seconds pause

Repeat 4 times to complete a circuit. Total: 4 minutes

Example of exercises for the elderly:

Series = 3 or 4

1 – Step on the step (ascent and descent) – simulating a stair step
2 – Sit down and get up from a chair without supporting your hands
3 – Running in place
4 – Lateral displacements
5 – Push-up of elbows on the wall
6 – Sit-ups without trunk flexion
7 – Leg raise supported on the wall

Repeat 4 times to complete a circuit

Personalized follow-up:

With the busy lifestyle in large urban centers, people often do not find time to go to a gym, park or appropriate place to perform physical activity. Without a doubt, laziness and especially the lack of technical knowledge on the subject are also reasons that justify the emergence of a new professional – the personal trainer. He is the right person to push us to reach our limits, as he simultaneously “forces” us not to miss training and is always up to date with fitness news.


Characteristics of a good PT

  • Have a passion for what he does
  • Have a positive attitude towards his work
  • Lead by example
  • Be persistent
  • Put himself in his students’ shoes
  • Put people above all
  • Be curious
  • Have integrity
  • Do not give up on training principles
  • Have the ability to adapt and be flexible
  • Always have a vision of what you/he want
  • Have technical knowledgement
  • Knowing how to listen and care
  • Be humble

Physical exercise is not just the time an athlete spends practicing physical, mental and spiritual activity, it is also a cycle that also includes the time needed to recover and assimilate the stimuli given by the exercise itself, the environment in which it is inserted, and mainly due to the equipment you use during exercise.



Quality equipment

Fitness equipment is, above all, essential for developing physical exercise, whether at home or in the gym. However, there is no point opting for specific equipment if they are of low quality! Contrary to what is expected, low-quality equipment can harm your training performance, compromise your success, and can even cause unexpected physical damage.

From the same point of view, when training with this range of equipment, the probability of experiencing breakdowns, problems and difficulties increases exponentially. Currently, there is a huge range of brands and types of equipment on the market, however, at the same time, they all provide a “huge range” of problems.


The choice

The choice of quality equipment must focus on brands that have a serious commitment to excellence, not only in products but also in details and above all that guarantee their quality and continuity, exceeding expectations, not only at the time of purchase but mainly in monitoring over time.



Another aspect in quality fitness that has stood out, gained value, that is, importance, and that ends up being decisive in deciding on product quality is connectivity and ease of interaction with mobile devices (Treadmill Spirit CT800ENT). The evolution of cell phones, as well as tablets and other devices, has transformed these small pieces of equipment into true allies in various day-to-day activities – including exercise.

There has been a paradigm shift, that is, with all this evolution, the athlete always wins. Those who have discipline can train practically anywhere, following recommendations from fitness applications. Many of them have paid versions with extra features and benefits, however, their free versions satisfy the vast majority of users.

Below, we present an example so that you can understand the differences that mark quality.

Bike Indoor Cycling

Common Indoor cycling bike:

  • Flyer wheel: 20 kg
  • Transmission: Chain
  • Resistance: Friction and emergency blocking
  • Braking: Friction with normal adjustment
  • Mixed pedals
  • Iron structure

Indoor cycling bike Spirit Johnny G JB950 :

  • Steel Wheel: 21 kg
  • Seat and Handlebar Adjustment
  • Magnetic resistance
  • Double-sided Pedals
  • Anatomical seat
  • Patented steering design
  • Multi touch points – sensitive electronic displacement
  • Smart, Bluetooth® and ANT+ enabled electronic devices
  • Cycling Spirit Johnny G JB950 cockpit type bicycle console

As we can see with this example, both are indoor cycling bikes and both serve the purpose of exercise, however, in the common bike there is no emotion of evolution, nor symbiosis with the equipment. Spirit’s Johnny G bike is the perfect innovation. It allows users to duplicate, replicate and differentiate their training sessions. And even more, it allows you to explore the full potential of the bike and the athlete, as the brand indicates, this bike presents a high level of performance.

Undoubtedly, we can train on a regular bike, but it’s certainly not the same!


Practicing physical exercise regularly improves flexibility, controls weight, increases muscle strength prevents diseases, among many other advantages, however, We can certainly say that exercising with quality equipment transforms your training and increases the feeling of happiness and that is quality fitness!

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