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Artis Climb Technogym

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An easy and challenging stair climber for fitter users. The Artis® Climb offers an exciting exercise that gets you excited. Step by step, it rises above your limits.


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The Artis Climb Technogym is an easy and challenging stair climber for users who are fitter. The Artis® Climb offers an exciting exercise that gets you excited. Step by step, it rises above your limits.

Intensify your training: Muscle toning and calorie burning to the maximum. The power of AI to make training unique as the user. Easy to use and not intimidating. Using a stair climber has never been so exciting.

CLIMB FOR BETTER SHAPE – There are things a normal stair climber couldn’t do. And then there’s Artis Climb. Greater performance, exercise, and more results than ever before.


Endless Challenge: Looking for results? Our workout routines will get you there. Outline your lower body, maximise fat burning or take your muscle performance to the next level in the stair climber: it’s easy for beginners and advanced users alike.

More steps, more fitness: The innovative Split Step Technology® offers at least 3 steps on the stair climber, so you can get more exercise than ever before. No matter how complex your workouts are, Artis Climb is ready for your challenge.

Step aside: Technogym’s exclusive Smart Lateral Footrests offer foot-ready support on the stair climber. Do simple leg exercises or step back to take a break and interact with the console.


ACCESSIBLE TO ALL – It’s not easy to combine affordability and effectiveness unless you can rely on the inclusive technologies that power the Artis stair climber.


The ladder to wellness: Break the routine thanks to the guided routines of the Climb solution. Accompany your favorite trainer in a one-on-one session. Track all your workouts and beat your own records. The digital powers of the Live console take your workouts to the next level.

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