Kinesis® Personal Technogym Heritage Black

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Kinesis Personal is the ultimate piece of designer furniture for home gyms and wellness spaces. It allows the rediscovery and improvement of strength, coordination, flexibility, posture and breathing control.


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Unique design for high quality and comfort

The Kinesis® Personal Technogym Heritage Black is a quality product that meets the needs of a professional wellness area focused on a unique and exclusive design, the perfect solution for hotels, fitness clubs and spas that want to offer their customers a special service experience.

The Heritage Leather version Surface made of full-grain leather, carefully selected by artisans and applied by hand. The diagonal stitches are also made by craftsmen, with special attention paid to detail and each leather stitching.

200+ exercises
With the handles located in the ALPHA, BETA and GAMMA positions, in this way you can do more than 200 basic and combined exercises.

Total freedom of movement
With patented Full Gravity technology, users can move in three dimensions and activate all kinetic chains of the body, providing resistance to any possible movement of the human body. In addition, the cable loop system with 360º rotation allows interference-free movements on the body.

Design & Functionality
The cables are supported by polished aluminum alloy arms. Each arm has three “pivots”, through which the cables pass during exit and return movements; These pivots also absorb sound. The comfortable transparent handle is magnetic and, in a resting position, can be attached to the arm pivots.

Soft-touch digital display

You can select the load with a simple touch on the sleek, user-friendly interface. Simply rotate the setting to see the resistance level continuously change from 0 to 20 on the soft-touch display.

Quiet, safe and smooth

The applied resistance is controlled by a sophisticated, patented innovation, in which a system of forces increases the resistance gradually, smoothly and in complete safety.

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