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Multigym Unica Technogym

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The complete multigym in 1,5 square meters – More than 25 exercises. Maximum muscle activation. Unprecedented comfort and ergonomics.


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Multigym Unica Technogym is a compact multigym for strength training at home: complete, comfortable and versatile, measuring only 1,5 square metres.
More than 25 exercises to train your strength: The incredible versatility of the Unica solution offers you more than more than 25 different exercises to increase your strength and tone your entire body. The multigym machine’s unique lever system allows you to perform more than 25 different exercises without replacing any element and selecting only the desired load. Load selection manoeuvres are safeguarded by a guard, which keeps your fingers at a safe distance from the weight column plates.
Maximum muscle activation: Thanks to its precision biomechanics, the Unica solution guarantees physiological trajectories that distribute loads optimally throughout the movements, maximizing the activation of muscle fibers and avoiding injuries.
Comfort and safety: The Easy Start system allows you to start your exercise without overloading your joints, making it safe for beginners as well. Users with a height of between 150 and 210 cm can use this multigym machine easily, thanks to the adjustable seat. The wide backrest, ergonomic padding and non-slip handles provide maximum comfort to enhance your performance.

Dimensions & Weight:
Dimensions (LxWxH): 1840 x 1200 x 2070 mm
Equipment weight: 290 kg
Standard weight column: 5 – 90 kg (5 Kg weight stack increment)
Standard functions and accessories: Stretching mat, ankle strap, pulley handle and tandard handle, maintenance kit and integrated wheels.

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Additional information
Weight 300 kg
Dimensions 1840 × 1200 × 2070 cm


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