Wellness Ball™ Training Technogym

115.00   VAT inc.

It will improve your balance, posture, strength and flexibility.



Strengthen your core, work on stability and balance, and perform a variety of stretching exercises. Choose between two versions based on your height.

The destabilizing effect created by the shape of the ball develops its sense of stability, involving all muscle groups simultaneously. It will improve your balance, posture, strength and flexibility.

The Wellness Ball is made with materials specifically selected to ensure stability, grip and softness to the touch. It is entirely made in Italy, with high quality recyclable vinyl and PVC materials. In addition, it does not contain phthalates or latex and complies with the strict safety standards of the European Union.

The thickness of the material and the specifically designed valve reduce pressure loss over time to a minimum.


  • Fitness exercise ball, black colour, Ø 65 cm
  • Fitness exercise ball, grey colour, Ø 55 cm
Additional information
Weight 1 kg



55 Cm, 65 Cm

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