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Technical Assistance

With the maintenance of the equipment, Main Pulse seeks to offer all its customers the best quality through its services.
For Main Pulse, maintenance is the improvement of equipment quality, the least probability of errors, better performance, lower costs, and greater efficiency. Thus ensuring total confidence.

Basic care such as cleaning, tuning and lubrication ensure greater durability of your equipment and reduce wear or deterioration problems.
Main Pulse provides its customers with a highly specialized service prepared to solve and repair the various equipment available on the market. Its multi-brand assistance allows us to have a broad knowledge of the equipment and the necessary experience for its maintenance. Through its skills, it guarantees the quality of its technical services in a way that is adapted to the needs and characteristics of each client.
Customers who choose Main Pulse benefit from nationwide technical assistance.

Available offers

Technical assistance services.

Predictive Maintenance
Through maintenance, it is possible to evaluate the useful life of the equipment, thus avoiding breakdowns, keeping all equipment operational.
Preventive Maintenance
Avoids a large part of equipment problems and defects by reducing corrective maintenance.
Corrective Maintenance
Repairs, restores or replaces components or equipment when they are already in poor condition.
Contracts Maintenance
We carry out maintenance agreements for periods to be agreed, varying with the size and use of the space.
Available offers

Other services

Transportation of equipment
We transport equipment to the intended location.
Assembly of equipment
We assemble the equipment in the intented location
Repair of equipment
We repair equipment according to a quotation
Parts and components
Supply of parts and components for equipment sold
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