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About Us
About Us

Main Pulse was born as a response to a perceived need in the market.

A company that simultaneously ensures the marketing and distribution of quality products and equipment in the areas of Fitness & Wellness as well as being endowed with the know-how and technical flexibility necessary to carry out their maintenance, respecting the manufacturers' instructions and in a timely manner.

At Main Pulse you will find quality equipment at competitive prices. The tireless support of a team with many kilometers of experience, available to advise you on choosing the most suitable equipment, with useful tips so that you can get the best performance out of it.

We sell, advise and provide technical assistance for the equipment we sell.

What we do
What we do

Main Pulse is proud to have a qualified, objective, responsible, professional and motivated team.
More than simply selling, we are interested in presenting our customers with the solutions that best suit their profile and that truly respond to their needs and objectives.

The multi-brand nature of our technical assistance means that we have extensive knowledge of the products and equipment on the market, which proves to be extremely useful in pre-sales and post-sales.

It allows us to advise our Customers on the equipment and brands that, considering their quality/price ratio, prove to be the least problematic when it comes to assistance and maintenance.
The cheapest solution at the moment does not always prove to be the most economical in the medium and long term.

Although the final and sovereign decision is always that of the Customer, ethics and professionalism oblige us to inform our customers of all the most positive and least positive aspects when they consider and compare the acquisition of equipment.

It is this transparency and seriousness that makes customers loyal to Main Pulse, more than any other factor.


To be a reference company in the distribution, marketing and maintenance of equipment in the areas of Fitness & Wellness.

Customer orientation – presenting our customers with the solutions that best suit their profile and that truly respond to their needs and objectives.
Excellence – Meet our customers’ expectations with rigor, effectiveness, responsibility and professionalism.

Just like equipment, human relationships require careful maintenance.

That's why we always try to be close and available to our customers, adopting a proactive attitude, looking out for their interests, listening to their needs and opinions.

We are equipment and service providers, but we are ultimately partners in the success of your business.

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