The fitness space in the condominium – First of all, it is important to mention that this is a place that can be used by residents (some at the same time), within the condominium. Furthermore, it is also important to note that this space must be properly equipped with equipment and accessories that provide moments of exercise and body care.

A space of this type is not limited to just physical exercise. Along with this task, the gym is also a facilitator of interaction between users, that is, condominium owners, thus creating a dynamic, pleasant and routine environment, even if they are not big fans of cardio or weight training.


Equipment and accessories

Above all, a fitness space in the condominium must be functional and safe. It must also consist of equipment capable of adapting to all the condominium owners’ realities, that is, it must have characteristics that suit everyone, from beginner users to the most athletic users.

For a space like this, cardio and weight training equipment are essential. In cardio we suggest, for example, treadmills, rowing machines and bicycles. In bodybuilding we understand that multi-stations, dumbbells and benches are important.

Along with the equipment and to complement the space and diversify the exercises, we cannot forget the small accessories, such as mats, ropes, among others. If you want to innovate, you can always bet on an Air bike, or a water rower.

Below we present some proposals for equipment and accessories, suitable for a condominium fitness space. However, we remember that there are many other options to choose from.


Our suggestion:


Vertical bike





Dumbbell support



Air bike

Water rower

Some benefits of the space:


Safety guarantee:

If you are inside your condominium, practicing your physical activity, you will be fully protected, even more so if you are a fan of training after work hours. This way, nighttime training will become more frequent.


Guaranteed training:

In the condominium you can train calmly at any time, as the place has excellent entrance control – the concierge of your condominium. Furthermore, it is important to note that whoever trains with you is a local resident.


Property appreciation:

A space like this, such as a swimming pool or leisure areas (party room, sauna,…), increases the value of the property. They are all common areas that make everyday life easier and that only bring benefits to residents. Normally these spaces are placed in specific locations, such as “green areas” of the condominium, higher areas with beautiful landscapes, or even next to swimming pools or saunas.


Space profitability:

It is always possible to make the most of spaces that are little used or even not used at all in the condominium. They can rehabilitate these areas by giving them a new use, remodeling or adapting, giving new life to “stalled” spaces. It doesn’t need to be very big, 30m2 could be enough.



A space like this in your condominium, completely free and available! It is the ideal solution to guarantee the good health of your “wallet”, as well as the quality of life. Often the desire to train even exists. However, it is impossible due to the high monthly gym fees that lead to a consequent lack of encouragement and dropout. On the contrary, with a fitness space in your condominium, you can eliminate the costs of monthly fees and transport and parking expenses, for example, and this can make a big difference at the end of the month.

Despite its specificity, a fitness space in a condominium can be harmonious and a social facilitator. Without a shadow of a doubt, it conveys quality, authenticity, comfort, privacy and sophistication.

A gym broadens horizons, offering sports and leisure to condominium owners, without ever losing sight of safety and quality of life.


In conclusion, it is guaranteed that if there is a space like this in your condominium you will have no excuses for not going to the gym, even on rainy days or when there is little availability!! You will certainly agree.


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