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Here you can find news about the fitness area. Exercise tips and how to correctly use some equipment are also part of these articles.

We present news about the use of treadmills, bicycles, rowers, vibrating platforms and many other cardio equipment. We also talk about machines and accessories for the area of bodybuilding and functional training. New equipment such as air bikes and tire flips are also present in this category.

Some articles also address the topic of fitness at home, as well as various tips for keeping your body in its best condition. Exercise tips and some training plans are also available for consultation.

Strong and perfect glutes!
Strong glutes help support the body and take the burden off the knees in impact physical activities and also in everyday activities, such as g...
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Quality in fitness
First of all, in quality fitness, it is important to mention that physical activity is essential for health and well-being. Exercise is one of...
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Exercising in winter
Winter is synonymous with rain, cold, shorter days and a lot of laziness! However, we shouldn't sit on the sofa or the extra pounds will set i...
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Discover the benefits of rowing
Rowing provides a complete cardiovascular exercise. It helps to work and tone muscles, strengthening the functioning of the cardiovascular sys...
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With a home gym it's easier to find time to exercise and stay in shape. If you like to exercise, but don't always have time available to visi...
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